Our story
The Building Resilience Development Organization (BRDO) is a Sudanese national Non-governmental organization which has been established in 2017 and started working from January 2018 whose vision to enable poor and resilience communities to build their skills and knowledge forward improve the livelihoods conditions The idea to establishment of the organization came from the group of well experience staff of UN, INGOs, working in previous with different actors. The staff of the organization have a good and strong experience of UN and INGOs work, familiar and known the context and culture of the State. More over the staff have a strong relation with the community, line ministry and local authorities. BRDO seeks to build strong local institutions communities to play active role in development, peace in Eastern Sudan by inspiring and furnishing the local communities with sufficient life changing skills to capacitate and empower their living.  We see a more peaceful and socio-economically advanced in Eastern Sudan